Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Nostalgia, my friend

Oh god... just had my entire childhood flash back in front of my eyes. :'(  This song still tears me up, even more so now. As a kid I felt the emotion behind it but didn't actually cry.
I'm becoming a wimp.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Comeback with markers

Yes, well I have been in all sorts of trouble. School's seriously, seriously starting to become a problem which I cannot allow. I'm studying but apparently not enough, who could study with such beautiful things in life drawing attention? For example, the empty glass on the right side of my table faithfully watching me through all  I go through, whether it's frustration with a picture I can't quite make right, a level in a game that's impossible to pass or moral dilemmas concerning homework. I look at it and it markings set in glass, perfect curvy lines, it structure and shape. Somebody put an effort into it and here it stands there, mostly ignored on my desk and treated with zero interest. I could have easily just stretched my arm and broke it by accident so many times...
Heh, where was I? Right, school's a pain. 
Anyway my birthday was a few days ago and I got neat new markers! :D My joy was endless. Had to try 'em out right away.